35 Pledge Partners

35 pledge partners

Join our team, make a difference!

35 Pledge Partners

We need partners like you who will join with us by donating $35 a month.

Our goal is to get 100 people, giving $35 a month.

We are planning on raising two-thirds of our support through individuals. The bottom line is that we depend on the prayers and gifts of friends like you. Please partner with us by donating $35 a month to our ministry. All donations are tax deductible through our home office, World Outreach Ministries.

You want to give less or more? No problem! ANYTHING you give will help us continue to train up the next generation of leaders for serving the church, advancing ministry, and church planting. Thank you!

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World Outreach Ministries is an affiliation of interdenominational missionaries and humanitarian workers who need a dependable home office. It was established over 30 years ago by Jason Peebles in 1979 as a 501 (c)3 nonprofit organization. The missionaries we serve are from all types of church backgrounds and are involved in a variety of outreaches - evangelism, church planting, schools, medical clinics, aviation, translation work, children's shelters, leadership training, support roles, and so much more.

All contributions go through our home office, World Outreach Ministries. And yes, we are part of a 501(c)3 so you would receive a receipt for every donation.