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Here's A little More About Us And What We Do
We’re just a bunch of ordinary people trying to make a difference.

This is the secret that makes LeaderBuild great. We surround ourselves with normal people who are doing amazing things for God.

Other ministries may have the “big names” that bring attention to their cause, but we would rather partner with average people who have a passion for leadership development. They come from a variety of backgrounds: pastors, students, stay-at-home moms, retirees, etc.

Does this approach sound familiar? We believe this method is modeled time and time again throughout the Bible. God uses people who have been overlook and underestimated - the foolish, the weak, and the downhearted - to do amazing things. It is clear that He loves building great leaders through refinement found in experience, and we want to partner with others in this journey. Does this stir something in your heart? Consider joining our movement. Find out more about us by exploring our vision and mission.

Our Simple Approach

Develop Leadership Pathways.

We create mentoring opportunities using mission trips, internships, and one-on-one discipleship to help people with their leadership journey.

Establish Base Camps.

We invite ministry teams, interns, staff, and pastors into creative environments designed to sharpen their leadership skills through teaching and interaction.

Create StrategyPlus Relationships.

We help advance local ministry, church planting, and related organizations by offering innovative strategic planning and creative solutions.

Our Core Beliefs

Jesus changes lives.

There is one common thread with everyone who encountered Christ: They all walked away changed. This is a basic truth to our faith. Jesus changes lives.

Respect every leader.

Each person is a son or daughter of the King who has unique experiences, a personal calling, and the potential to be great. We will respect every leader at every level.

Honor the church.

Every church, no matter what size, is called at the present moment by God to change lives in their own way, and every member has the ability to help create a healthy church.

Our Win

The win happens for us when we Build Leaders and Change Lives. It isn’t complex, but that sums up everything we want to do. We love coming alongside a person to help with their leadership journey through mentorship, teaching, and strategic planning.

It comes down to this: We need to think differently about how we develop leaders. We believe that leadership development is a journey, not a destination. We need to take the focus off the macro leadership development (huge conferences and impersonal classes) and focus on micro leadership development (mentoring and apprenticeships).

Our Values

LeaderBuild is dedicated to the creation of environments where leaders can discover and develop their God-given potential.

With a global footprint, we will provide a variety of leadership pathways and innovative cutting-edge tools to better equip leaders for advancing ministry.

Our focus will be on building healthy leaders who will have a generational impact on the Church as they work to meet the needs of today’s culture.