I came to Ben and his LeaderBuild team needing help to bring my ideas to life. After completing a book I just wrote, LeaderBuild helped me come up with a great plan to promote it.

My Dream

I always dreamed of starting my own ministry. My ideas were scattered but Ben brought everything together. Ben and the team at Leaderbuild did not take a cookie cutter approach to marketing. They took the time to ask questions and listened to what I had to say. They took my vision and brought The Prodigal One to life.

Why LeaderBuild?

LeaderBuild made me feel like I was part of the team as we worked together to find the best solutions for my ministry. When Ben showed me the final website that his team put together, I was floored. They did a phenomenal job. I would highly recommend LeaderBuild to help you create a marketing plan and vision for your business or organization.

John Haeffele, Founder of The Prodigal One

I struggled for over a year to find an experienced website provider. Of course, finding a web designer wasn't difficult; but finding one to deliver quality and value was the main challenge. LeaderBuild did an exemplary job of exceeding my expectations.

We developed a partnership.

LeaderBuild took charge. They didn't just build a website. We developed a partnership. They helped me drill down to my core objectives, set short-term to long-term goals, designed and built my website, and have taken on maintenance responsibilities. And as my needs have increased, for instance, SEO/SEM or building more pages, they have anticipated my needs and provided value based solutions.

I believe LeaderBuild can help.

Working with LeaderBuild has been a pleasure. They handle all my digital headaches so I can focus on growing my business. They really care about their work and client experience.

Thank you LeaderBuild!

Chris Hamrick, CEO of Kids First Community

I believe many small businesses struggle with an overall marketing strategy. Many tend to only use a portion of the tools available and expect the money used to promote that tool will work their overall marketing strategy.

So why LeaderBuild?

Our business is identifiable as being a premiere Medicare Plan and health insurance brokerage firm. I knew our identity and tried to market to the demographic we wanted to touch. LeaderBuild helped us further define our business, who we wanted to touch and the process to make an overall system work.

How they can help?

The process included an in-depth defining of who are our prospects, alternatives for reaching them, and then building a process and tools (such as a website) to reach them. Ben Harrington has a soft spirit, and the knowledge and expertise to make this system work for us. We now have a plan to reach people and more ways to do so. People are driven to a website designed to educate and to our expertise in our field.

My endorsement.

I believe in putting quality people in place around me. LeaderBuild understands and assists us with modern technology so I do not need to spend time to learn the intricacies to use this tool to better serve our clients.

Steve Buttice, President of MRMS