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The Downside of Video Preaching

Video preaching is a powerful tool to get your message out to the masses. It has gained popularity among multi-site churches (a church with multiple campuses) as a way to remain "one church, in many locations." If you are not familiar with video preaching, usually a church with multiple campuses will have a live service where the…
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Does Dirt Really Matter?

Yes! It does matter. I just finish the book “Dirt Matters” by Jim Powell. Jim presents a powerful argument on how to transform a church from the inside out. I really appreciate his upfront approach to a serious issue in church growth: focusing on changing the cultural values of a church and ultimately cultivating a…
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Just recently, I drove by a long-time established church in my community and saw a "For Sale" sign out in their front yard. This saddened me. It brought up these questions, "What happened to get them to this place?", "When did they realize they were in trouble?", and "What did they do to try to…
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