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A Beloved Leading Lady

Girls can lead and be loved. Tale as old as time, Beauty constantly behaves as though she were weak, stupid, and all-around incapable in order to attract her Beast. Nearly every movie and sitcom involving a romance revolves around this theme, but whatever it does for a plot in fiction, it is an absolute tragedy when…
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Growing Up A Leader

I never asked for this. No, I am not writing a teen novel, nor am I about to tell you of something tragic, however some may see it: I am a born leader. Now, I did not spring forth an infant with perfect vocabulary, and my people skills may always be a little rough around…
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You've probably heard this term used before, whether just once or all over the place. Some places restrict their volunteers or employees in fear of the dreaded burnout; others beg people to take on more and more work until it becomes unavoidable. Whatever experience you have, you've probably seen at least one person go through…
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