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Where is LeaderBuild?

Global impact

We know what you're thinking, "That doesn't sound realistic!" But we really want to have a global impact, so we decided early on that are not limiting ourselves to one place. For now, we are focusing on two locations; Illinois and Ireland.

And yes, there will be more to come...

Really, Illinois?

Every great ministry has a starting point. It took us awhile to clarify the passion we have for building strong leaders and healthy churches. With the many leadership connections we have made in Illinois; it only makes sense to continue impacting the area.

So why Ireland?

God is doing some amazing things in Ireland and we want to be a part of it. We love the people of Ireland and feel God pushing us to set-up a base camp in this wonderful country. We have built many relationships over the years in Ireland.

Contact Information

Below is our contact information for LeaderBuild and of our home office, World Outreach Ministries.
P.O. Box 463
Morton, IL 61550
Call or Text: (872) 221-4601
World Outreach Ministry
P.O. Box B
Marietta, GA 30061
Call: (770) 424-1545
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