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I have been married to my beautiful wife Deborah for over 16 years. We have three children: Katie, Faith, and Landon. Our fourth child is a 4 year old chocolate lab named Remington! My earthly passion in life is hunting and archery. It is time spent in the quiet of the woods that brings me great peace and alone time with God. This is a blessing that I wish more people could experience - particularly young people.

I am a member of Richwoods Christian Church in East Peoria, Illinois. I have just recently got my Master's Degree in Organizational Leadership from Lincoln Christian University and have my B.A. in Criminal Justice from the University of Illinois - Springfield. I am a Command Officer for the Illinois State Police and have served as an Illinois State Trooper for the past 17 years.

Why I Write?

While I truly enjoy academic endeavors, my goal when I am teaching leadership studies, is to make this intangible concept something that is pragmatic and attainable. Too often leadership studies are seen as nothing more than theories and conjecture and often fail to make a meaningful connection to "real life". Leadership is real life! Whether that be in the workplace, in the home, or at your church. Leadership skills represent the breeze in the sails of life. What many do not understand or fail to make a connect with, is the fact that through applied leadership, we have the ability to turn the wind speed up in our life's course or conversely simply allow ourselves and our organizations to slowly go adrift.

Let me close with my favorite leadership quote and something that I will be discussing in the future as well, "Ultimately, all leadership development is character development" ~ Stephen Covey

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