The art of developing leaders

An artist takes pride in his trade. Every brush stroke is purposeful and well thought out. The painting is designed to convey a message that the artist wants to express. Like an artist waving a brush on a canvas to create a masterpiece, developing leaders takes skill, passion, and hard work in order to create the masterpiece of a solid leader.

Developing Leaders 101

“Developing leaders doesn't come natural for anyone. Everyday, you must force yourself to share what you have learned with others.”

Knowledge is power. Providing your leaders with training material may be the most important task you can do. How can we expect anyone in our ministries to do what they are suppose to do unless they are taught? How would you rate your training?

“Follow Me” Approach. Jesus invited people to be a part of his life when he asked his disciples, “Come follow me.” Bringing people into your world can be stressful, awkward, and uncomfortable. But it is the best way pass along your vision, passion, and leadership is to have people watch what you do! Who are some people you need to ask to follow you.

The Relationship Priority. The stronger the relationship you have with your team, the deeper the commitment they will have to your ministry. Building relationships takes a lot of time and energy, but the payback is worth it. What are some relationships that you need to strengthen?

Developing leaders like Jesus

“It takes a lot of time, hard work, and a sense of humor to bring people to the next level”

Jesus led people in different ways. He didn't treat everyone the same way so that He could truly develop people in they way they needed mentorship. We can learn a lot from the way the creator of the universe developed leaders.

Jesus communicated to the crowd, his followers, his disciples, and his inner circle. With each of these groups, he communicated in a different way for a different result. There is no such thing as over communicating when it comes to your leaders, but make sure you target your communication to the right groups for the maximum results!

Jesus treated his disciples in a different way he treated the crowd. It seems like He had higher expectations on those who were closest to him. The worst thing you can do in your ministry is to treat leaders equally.

Jesus established people in certain roles to do particular jobs. Like Peter being declared as the "Rock" to lead the Church, you need to discover people's gifts and let them use them. The art of truly developing leaders is placing the right person in the right place.

Creating habits of development

“Developing leaders is the DNA of creating healthy and strong ministry, so master it!”

The best way to becoming a master at developing leaders is to make it part of who you are. Providing leaders with training material, having a mentoring lifestyle, and building relationships with leaders are all really important in developing leadership.

In order to be successful in developing leaders, mentoring will need to feel natural like a “second-nature” to you. It will take hard work and solid repetition to force you to be constantly thinking about developing leaders. What are some ministry habits that if you do consistently will help you develop leadership?

Leadership equals influence. You need to be the best you can be in by continuously learning. People will not follow a good idea; but they will follow good people with an idea. Be worthy of being followed.