The Difference Between Laziness and Faith

The difference between faith and laziness.

I was sitting in church on a normal Sunday last October. The preacher got up onto the stage, opened in prayer, and then dove into a discussion of our government and the corruption of society. After painting a very depressing picture that would make anyone feel doomed, the preacher concluded with a simple statement, “Well, we can only pray that God will do something about it.”

That statement didn’t settle well with me because I saw God’s people, looking straight at their mission field, yet sitting back and hoping God would just do something to make it a better situation. This is where I saw a distinct difference between the Leaders of faith and lazy followers.  By all means, as followers of Christ, we will face countless situations that we can’t control and must have faith that the Lord is good and will watch over us. If you see someone in need, however, and you send a prayer that God will send someone to help them, can you not picture God in the clouds calling down, “That’s why I put you there, silly!”?

A leader knows his own limitations, certainly, but a Leader of the faith focuses on the objectives, not the obstacles. You most likely have challenges in your church, school, workplace, and anywhere else human hands have touched. We must choose as believers, and leaders by example, to recognize that oftentimes God has put us in a situation to act in addition to taking a knee and pray that God will bring a leader that can — not just to pray and pass. Never forget that we are the Lord’s servants, and what good is a servant that always waits for the master to come and do the job for him?