Leadership Pathway

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Why develop leaders?

Effective Leaders can help develop health, growth, and multiplication in their church and organization. Without strong leaders, Churches are far more likely to struggle, split, and die. It starts with personal growth. A leader's personal growth plays a huge role in the ability to have a impactful ministry.

"I have worked over 19 years as a ministry leader, and a large part of that time was in full-time ministry. I noticed that over the years as the quality of my personal leadership got better, my ministry would get stronger. Over time, I learned to react to conflict better, take others deeper, and recruit good leaders around me.

What I learned, I passed along to others. Developing leaders doesn't come natural for anyone. Everyday, you must force yourself to share what you have learned with others." Ben Harrington, LeaderBuild

Leadership Pathways

Leadership is a journey. Every leader has a starting point; a place where they had their first experience influencing others. Each journey has pathways that lead individuals to their greatest redemptive potential.

The journey within the leader’s pathway is like what a professional runner goes through during conditioning for an upcoming race. Good runners work with a coach to plan the race, set the goals, and practice obstacles similar to the ones on the course. Experienced runners - over time and through a lot of hard work - develop the skills and patience needed to complete the race. Developing leaders can be difficult at times, but the rewards are virtually immeasurable.

LeaderBuild wants to provide leaders with training material, training for a mentoring lifestyle, and a Leadership Pathway program.  Here are the ways we are doing it:

Coffee Talks. Don't ever underestimate the power of a cup of coffee and good conversations! We encourage leaders to regularly meet with people for intentional mentoring conversations. This intimate environment is one of the best methods in developing leaders.

Group Talks. We love talking to groups about developing their own Leadership Pathways. We show teams how to create "Habits of Development." The best way to be a master in developing leaders is to make it feel “second-nature” and a part of the organization's culture.

Training Material. We provide Coffee Talks booklets as "startup talks" to get leaders started in the mentoring process.

The next step is to discover why we started LeaderBuild.