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Levi Amstutz

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I don't fit under a label...

I am an 18-year-old that knows lots about science and never enough about the mind. I grew up in Central Illinois for most of my life, and make the habit of trying anything and everything out. Because of that, I don't really fit under a label, that much is clear.

I live in the city, but spend my days out in nature, whether hiking, hunting, horse riding, or rock climbing. My favorite music genre has been from rap, hip-hop, heavy metal, classic rock, country, to K-pop. Again, I'm rather diverse. I was homeschooled for most of my life, anytime in public schooling I went through was too small for me to have an opinion on the subject itself, but I find the value of letting a child grow with an open mind and learn the truth themselves, rather than them being born biased and fall away because of a bad foundation.

One distinct characteristic is that I'm the extrovert that makes any public gathering a "bro to bro" get together, I don't like the awkward silence, and will let my ego pay dearly so others are comfortable around me.

I always had a passion for helping others, whether through action or words. You could say it's my strength and my weakness, since I don't know when to stop giving.

The important things in my live.

God really has taken me through an adventure with my life, with all the ups and downs, seeing how God makes a masterpiece out of it is one of the most beautiful things in life. Growing up with siblings, I look to them for support advice and encouragement, and my friends equally if not more so. Growing up with two parents that have stayed together and keep the love of God centered in the family is no small factor, they are great examples of how a Christian family should look like in day to day life.

As the second youngest of my family, I was one main rebels of the family, getting in any sort of trouble possible. Now that I've grown up, that rebellious side is aimed more at a corrupt society, I think age is just a number, and shouldn't be a reason to pin down a free spirit. If a leader is someone that I looked up to as an example and guidance, then I was a leader when I was 12 years old among friend groups and at CO-OPS. A strong mind and a daring heart that has a passion for making a differnece for God's glroy, they are the future generation that will protect doctrine, theology, and morals.

I hope that through God's interaction in my life, that I can reflect His grace on me, to encourage and empower.
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