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The Average

God uses, "The Average" to change the world. Often times, people think that it's the so-called pastor "Rock Stars" that God wants to use in big ways. That is simply untrue. He wants to use YOU in mighty ways. Because of all the attention that celebrity pastors have, being an ordinary pastor now-a-days can be…
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Getting the F.A.C.T.S.

Building the right team can be hard work. It is easier to "guard the gate" and prevent letting people on the team who wouldn't be a good fit. That is why you need to get all the F.A.C.T.S. before you make any decision. In this video, I talk about a simple process to take to…
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The Weave Principle

The Weave Principle is something I learn early on in my ministry. It is about being intentional with adding the important things in our lives. The three main topics are weaving people into your ministry, weaving God in your leadership, and weaving the stuff (important things) throughout your life.
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