Meet Our Staff

Meet Our Staff

Meet the staff - Ben Harrington - LeaderBuild

Ben Harrington, Founder of LeaderBuild

I do not claim to be someone that I am not. I am just an average guy with an average life. I haven't written books, lead mega churches, or spoke at large conferences. But I believe that God calls average, ordinary people like tax collectors and fisherman to do extra-ordinary things for Him. He has called you and me. He has called YOU to impact your community. God has gifted me to think strategically "out of the box" in developing leaders and growing ministries. So I want to share those ideas with others. I am just an average guy wanting to be used by God in unbelievable ways. Why not join me on this journey?

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Aimee Harrington

Aimee Harrington, Co-Founder of LeaderBuild

I am a mother of three wonderful children and work as a dispatcher for a construction company. I love serving the church with women's ministry. I read a lot of books on motherhood, parenting, and marriage/family. I love the Irish people and I'm excited that Ireland is one of our Areas of Focus! It is our dream that someday we live there to help local churches.

Beth Ripper

Beth Ripper, Marketing

I work in advertising/marketing and I have a degree in Advertising from the University of Illinois. I have always loved art and creating things, so advertising just made sense for me. I love being creative and it takes many different forms. I paint (nothing very technical, but they make my home colorful! I like to figure out how to use an ordinary item in a different way, I enjoy sewing and crocheting, and I LOVE to bake & decorate cakes. Chocolate is my favorite and I really don't understand people who don't like sweets;). I have grown up in the church and have enjoyed volunteering since I was a teen. I love being a sunday school teacher and working with toddlers...they are just too adorable as they figure things out for themselves. I also love to sing and really enjoy singing in a worship band.

Sarah Reynolds, Managing Editor

Sarah Reynolds, Managing Editor

I am a passionate, energetic college student with a love for people and communication. I enjoy spending time making music, reading, working outside, making pottery, and preparing and enjoying food. I consider myself a foodie, and love everything from eggs to salad to cake (avocados and pico de gallo are my current favorites). Coffee is wonderful, especially in its purest form: black. As an outgoing introvert, I love spending time with my family and friends when I am not recharging my social batteries. I have been writing for LeaderBuild since 2014, and as time went on Ben noticed my passion for writing and editing and began sending me materials to look over. As LeaderBuild grew, so did the number of materials, and soon a gap in our needs appeared: we had no editor. I am excited to help LeaderBuild continue to grow, and work with the other writers and staff members to ensure we put our best foot forward. // Read more about Sarah //

Jessica McCracken - Ministry Coach - LeaderBuild Staff

Jessica McCracken, Ministry Coach

I have often felt like a square peg in a round hole. God has taught me, and is continually teaching me, that what He wants is me, and not a caricature. I have also found myself between the sacred and the secular, between ministry done inside the walls of the church and people doing ministry where they are: teachers, police, grocery clerks, garbage men, stay-at-home parents. I am passionate about helping others experience God's call to not only follow where they are but to do so as themselves, in Christ-like humanness. As a ministry mentor the goal is to walk alongside those in ministry and help them discover for themselves what it means to disciple others in ways that are smart and healthy.

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Matt Mylott

Matt Mylott, Leadership Adviser

I am married to my wonderful wife, Meredith and have two sons, Austin and Camden. I have worked for Caterpillar for 18 years. I love cars, farming, and my family!

Steve Buttice

Steve Buttice, Leadership Adviser

I am the President of Living By Your Design, Medical Reimbursement and Management Services, and write columns for the local publications “Healthy Cells” and “News and Views.” I love serving as a personal consultant for Ben and his staff.


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