Staying Focused (Small and Focused, Part 2)

You did it! You cleaned your living space, achieved your work goals, made some new friends, or did whatever else you set out to do. You started with one small goal, and expanded from there, and it worked!

Now what?

Now it's time to stay that way. Some people use hourly planners, some use checklists, others just keep it all in their brains, but everyone has some sort of system. If they say they don't, their system is "scattered." Life throws things at us all day every day, and if we have not already put priorities in place it is not hard to be thrown this way and that until everything we should have been doing crashes down on us. So, find your focus.

Where do you see yourself in 10 years? When you envision your ideal life in a decade, what are the first few things you see? Clean, well-decorated house, hard-working career, family, friends, a ministry? Whatever you dream of for yourself in the future, as a general rule, is something you should be putting first now. If your goal is a career, it is important to further or maintain your education and find jobs that further your pursuits. If your goal is a good looking house, it's time to rip out the ugly tile in that master bathroom and start spending weekends fixing up the fixer upper. If your goal is a ministry, make a time table, if friends, make time, if family, start developing yourself so that when the opportunity is ready you are too. Whatever it is you see for yourself, find a way to work toward that goal, and don't lose sight of that vision.

Whenever you feel obligated to say yes to more than you can handle, or allow others to throw things onto your already full plate, keep your eyes on where God is leading you to go — and say no to the things that do not help you on that journey. Set Godly priorities, and don't be afraid to push the world aside as you prioritize the life that God has called you to lead.