Oola for Women — Book Review

As a young woman who was already pretty focused on reaching Oola, I expected Oola for Women to be good, but I wasn’t expecting any big changes. After all, I’ve been on this journey for over four years now, so I’ve got some experience under my belt. I already knew the 7 Fs, the Oola Blockers and Oola Accelerators, and I was slowly but surely learning to get my Oola Wheel to roll. For goodness sake, I even have the Infused7 kit that the Oola Guys made with Young Living. I was an Oola fanatic. I have this down by now, right?


This book has taken me two weeks to read, not because of anything wrong — it’s clear, to the point, and a very enjoyable read — but because each chapter left me taking a step back and evaluating. Where do I see myself with this F? How has this Oola Blocker impacted my life? Is this an Oola Accelerator that I need to work on, or that comes more naturally? I would read a chapter or two, take some time to process, and come back hungry for more. It’s not just another self-help book, or another set of ideas you’ll read a few pages of and let sit on a shelf. I’ve already shared snippets with friends, talked about the concepts with a mentor, and even shared a picture of a paragraph or two with an amazing group of women I have the honor to interact with on Facebook. Every page I turned brought me a new piece of this puzzle called life that I just knew could bring more beauty to someone’s world.

People who know me know I’m all about personal and professional development, and you’ll rarely find me without a book in hand or pen to paper, but this book is different in that it gives you the chance to take direct action immediately, whether you’re in the middle of the book or not, and whether that means running a marathon or spending more time resting. Wherever you are in your personal journey, this book can help you reach your goals and ideals faster, better, and with a vision for where you want to be. From beginning to end, Oola for Women takes you through a strategic journey as you explore where you are strong and where you can improve, without judgement or pushing you toward a specific set of goals — it’s all about helping you discover the dreams you yourself have dreamed, the goals you yourself desire, that no one else can create or set for you.

One of the best things about the book was that for each Oola Accelerator, Oola Blocker, and F of Oola, there were essays written by women who had been impacted by it. Stories that ranged from heart wrenching to joyous celebrations filled those pages, each making the impact that one change can make in a life over time.  One little change can make all the difference, and just a few steps every day will add up to miles. Taking the plunge, releasing guilt, and chasing dreams like there’s no other way to live are a just a few of the lessons hidden in this book.

Whether you’re an implementation specialist or a goal-setter but not a goal-chaser, whether you feel like you have it together or like everything is falling apart, whether you’re a young woman just starting out or a career woman or a stay at home mom (or any combination thereof), I cannot recommend this book enough. You will finish it changed forever, and inspired to become a part of the movement that is changing the world with a single word: Oola.

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