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Welcome to our video archive. You will find a collection here of leadership videos that have inspired us, made us laugh, and challenge us. We hope these videos feed your leadership hunger.
  • Focus On Strengths

    Focus On Strengths

    Far too often we focus on our weakness and not our strengths. This short message by Andy Stanley is a…

  • The Weave Principle

    The Weave Principle

    The Weave Principle is something I learn early on in my ministry. It is about being intentional with adding the…

  • Church Marketing

    Church Marketing

    This lighthearted video brings attention to the way churches market their ideas and the culture that comes out of those…

  • Future Leaders

    Future Leaders

    Creative thinking is exactly what is needed from our future leaders. I hope this brief video encourages you to continue…

  • Leaders Create

    Leaders Create

    Whether you like or dislike Apple products or even the way they do business, there is something about Steve Jobs…

  • Making Disciples

    Making Disciples

    Recently, I was reading through Jesus's last words that He ever said here on earth. Doesn't that prick your ears…

  • Message From Our Founder

    Message From Our Founder

    Welcome to LeaderBuild. We’re just a bunch of ordinary people trying to make a difference.