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Why build leaders? We believe that behind every healthy church is a team of strong leaders willing to do what it takes to impact their community. Leaders are essential for churches to reach their fullest potential. Effective Leaders can help develop health, growth, and multiplication in their church. Bottom line, we want churches to be planting more churches, and we want to help!

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It's simple: anybody who is excited about leadership and wanting to make a difference in others!

Our current team includes current and former ministry staff, a full-time student, and more! Anyone with leadership insight is welcome, whether it's at home, at work, in the church, or beyond!

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    Our Writers

    • Jessica McCracken

      I am an ordained minister in the Wesleyan church and a graduate of Indiana Wesleyan University...

    • Ken Stewart

      When Ben asked me to write for LeaderBuild, I was both humbled and encouraged...

    • Nathan Hurst

      I am a husband of Laurie. A father of 2 growing boys. Panting / founding pastor of Grace Family Church. Conversationalist with the almighty. Soon to be author...

    • Sarah Reynolds

      I am enthusiastic and enjoy music, working with kids, writing, and volunteer work...