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Adding A New
Staff Member

Sarah Reynolds

Sarah will be working with LeaderBuild's written materials to ensure we always put our best foot forward. From commas to concepts, Sarah will work collaboratively with our team of content producers to continue giving our readers clear and useful content. She will also be coordinating with our writers to keep the website running smoothly, and helping any new writers learn about our mission and purpose here at LeaderBuild.

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2017 Summer
Mission Trip

To train and serve

We just made the decision to go back to Ireland next summer (2017) for two months (June and July) to help our church planting partners with their summer ministries. We don't have all the details regarding what we will be doing for those two months, but more details will be available as we get closer to leaving for the trip. We know we will be doing "Built By Design" Training and developing local LeaderBuild Coaches to continue teaching our material.

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Five Years

How's it been going?

Great! Things are starting to click for us. We have currently 26 "clients" with LeaderBuild and StrategyPlus. We have helped 12 churches with everything from advice about their website to consulting about getting their ministry story into their community. We have helped some of those churches to get healthy through our Training Tracks, and we helped plant / start a couple ministries and churches.

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